Senior Manager Active Directory Security Specialist.

We are looking for experienced articulate and ambitious Senior Active Directory Security Specialist to work for one of our big consultancies in London.

In this role the chosen individual will be working closely with the a wide range of security and tech professionals offering consultancy services to a wide range of businesses from Financial Services Insurance Consumer goods and Healthcare.

You will be joining a Cyber Threat Operations team and will be responsible for the design, implementation and configuration of Active Directory solutions that help reduce our clients customers attack surface.

You will be working closely with a leading threat intelligence, incident response and ethical hacking teams and the services they provide to their global client base. The chosen candidate will be working across multi-functional teams to help design and implement Active Directory Solutions to support their clients in developing cyber defense capabilities. You will also be working closely with the incident response teams to design containment strategies and evict a wide range of threat actors from client networks of all sizes.

We’re looking for passionate, creative individuals in the following topic areas:

  • Windows and Active Directory security fundamentals in the context of enterprise networks, and best practices to limit propagation of malware and adversary lateral movement in those environments and related environments (e.g. Office 365).
  • Researching and making use of the increasingly sophisticated security controls and monitoring capabilities which are embedded in the latest Microsoft desktop/server operating system releases and AD Forest functional levels;
  • Being able to identify, architect and implement small, incremental control changes to existing clients environments in order to help clients mitigate or recover from malicious activity (e.g. self-propagating ransomware); and more.
  • The automation of intelligence ingestion, detection and response actions in enterprise IT environments and the ability to work alongside IT teams to design defensible IT environments and inform detection and response strategies.


  • Input into technical security strategy advice being provided to clients on long-term security architecture and transformation engagements;
  • Rapid prototyping and testing of the effectiveness of AD security controls against emerging threats (e.g. NotPetya outbreaks);
  • Design security mitigation strategies (blogs, speaking events, whitepapers, internal training) aligned to real world threat activity being researched or responded to by our blue teams;
  • ‘Bridging’ activities between red and blue teams and architecting test environments to prove the effectiveness of mitigation techniques against the red team;
  • Subject matter expert on AD security configuration best practices, LAPS, Microsoft ATP solutions, Credential Guard, Device Guard etc.
  • Enhance the depth of AD control mitigations coming out of our red team activities to help drive the value of these services.


Application email-

  • Compensation£79-£105k
  • LocationLondon
  • Schedulepermanent