Executive IT Leadership

A progressive and dynamic IT function needs a strong leadership team as its backbone. At this level, finding good people is easy. Finding the right people is another matter.

We have an outstanding network across the CIO and IT Leadership teams in the world’s leading organisations. Led by Mentmore’s founder, we work hard to maintain our relationships with leaders at this level, while continually creating new ones, to meet diverse ‘Director’ or ‘Head of’ briefs.

Gaining an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by IT leaders means we have the knowledge to place the industry’s top performers. We pride ourselves on our understanding of the challenges they face, the solutions and innovations they set out to overcome them, and the leading-edge industry trends they are defining.

Industries we work in

We have expertise in industries including Consumer Goods, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Digital, Media, Consultancy, Insurance, Gaming and Petrochemical, among others. Our team of consultants understands how important each relationship is, and will ensure it is built to be as effective and beneficial as possible for both parties.

Clare Butler

Compliance and Legal Manager