IT Architecture

IT Architecture is invaluable to the smooth running of any global organisation’s IT function. In such a crowded marketplace, finding the right experts, with the right expertise, is essential.

We have extensive experience in placing the best IT Architects in the world’s leading organisations. Using a long-established network of international talent, we build successful IT functions using a tailored mixture of permanent and contract architects, at all levels.

We’re dedicated to understanding every sector – its challenges, opportunities and goals, before we define and deliver our approach. We generally champion a top-down model, where we place Heads of Architecture, before building the rest of the team and function around them.

These placements can range from Enterprise to Solution Architecture or specific areas such as Business/Data/ eCommerce/Security/Integration Architecture.

Industries we work in

We have expertise in industries including Consumer Goods, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Digital, Media, Consultancy, Insurance, Gaming and Petrochemical, among others. Our team of consultants understands how important each relationship is, and will ensure it is built to be as effective and beneficial as possible for both parties.